Our Staff

Our teachers are college trained in Early Childhood Education and are all state qualified. Also, each teacher is certified in C.P.R. training and first-aid techniques. 

Pre-K Teacher
Pre-K Teacher

Miss. Robin has been with the school for about 40 years. She was a teacher with the school for many years before taking over as director. She has been involved with the church and preschool since she was 15 years old.

Miss. Roxanne has been with the school for around 25 years.  Miss. Roxanne says the reason she became a preschool teacher is because she's always loved kids. She said the reason she still loves it is because she loves to see the great progress her students make throughout their year with her. 

Miss. Dolly has been with the school for around 23 years. Before she taught here Miss.Dolly was a teacher in the Philippines. She said the reason that she started teaching, and the reason she is still teaching is because she loves kids.

2/3 Year Old Teacher

Miss. Trisha has been with the school for over 10 years. Miss. Trisha said the reason she became a preschool teacher is because it is rewarding. She said the reason she still loves what she does is because she learns something new from her students everyday.

2/3 Year Old Teacher

Miss. Tatiana has been a teacher here for just over 3 years, but before that she was a student here both in our preschool and extended day programs. She said the reason she became a preschool teacher is because early education is so crucial to a child's development. She continues to teach because she is inspired daily by the smiles on the faces of children when they learn a new skill. 

Extended Day Teacher

Miss. Nicole was a teacher at our school for years before moving away. She has been back with the school for 3 years now. She said the reason she became a teacher is because her mom was a teacher and she has always loved kids. She is still a teacher because she loves seeing the kid's faces light up when they grasp a new concept or accomplish a new task. She also enjoys the conversations she has with the kids.